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>> as cofounder, debra elston worked closely with the department and said butler was a hardworking detective and mother. >> pretty special mom and the detective department is pretty special. they are doing things so serious and they all seem to have a good sense of humor. >> dozens of people wrote letters to officers and families. 10-year-old sofia thanked them for helping the community. >> i'm feeling kind of sad because, well, it wasn't even their fault. they just thought they were going to be on an everyday call. >> the reality of losing two officers sinks in, santa is coming together to grieve. >> they take care of us and this is our time to wrap our arms around them as well. >> details about the services are expected to be released as early as tomorrow. live in santa cruz, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you, jean. george kiriyama has the first responder who is found themselves caught in the crossfire themselves. >> the the police officers were not the only ones who were in harm's way. the firefighters who responded to the scene found themselves in the middle of gunfire and this right here is the fire truck that took four bullets. it was a chaotic scene using his body as a shield to protect a woman. >> the scene is not secure. >> as firefighters responded to the scene, they heard this on the radio. >> two patients, victims of gunshot wounds and the scene is not secure. >> the two victims were santa cruz police officers. butch baker and elizabeth butler. he shot and killed the officers on his doorstop. >> we don't respond with
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officers down. it's one we never want to go to. >> to 15 minutes later, firefighters were caught in the line of fire. police officers and sheriffs deputies locked in a firefight on doyle street. >> that's where the truck company was nearby. >> firefighters hit the deck as bullets flew. one tackled a woman to the ground to shield her with his body. >> the firefighter who did this heroic act did it selflessly to protect them. that's what we are here for. >> the gunfire stopped and he was dead. firefighters noticed four bullets hit their truck. >> we're put ourselves at risk to save and protect the community and that's what we try to do the best job we can. >> they are dealing with emotions the day after, it's very tough. >> can't say enough of our thoughts and prayers and empathy to the officers and their families. both well-known in the community and with us.
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>> there were seven firefighters in the area when the shots were fired. none were hurt. we are live in santa cruz tonight, nbc bay area news. >> jeremy had a troubled past with his family. he texted his twin brother minutes after he killed the two officers. he texted i'm in big trouble. i love you. his own father call and described his son as a ticking time bomb. here's what else we learned. this mug shot was taken in 20007 after he was filming an oregon woman in the shower. the marks on his face came from the woman's boyfriend. he has been living in fear ever since he was released. >> you hear on tv people getting away with things and this is just one of the things that hits home because someone got away with something that was pretty bad. only to commit something worse. >> danny thomas got in a fight with him in november of 2007.
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he bit off part of his ear in the struggle. he fired a gun in the confrontation, but in 2008 he was acquitted of the felony charges against him. >> i really think it was a big failure of the system to let him go after all that. >> thomas moved from portland to vancouver out of fear that he would retaliate and possibly search the internet for updates. >> he's the type of guy that could come back. it's always on the back of my mind that he could hurt my family. >> ronald, the father said it enraged jeremy souring on the justice system. he calls the killing unforgivable. he added my heart goes out to the families of those officers, but i'm grieving too. we loved him. >> governor brown issued this statement. it is with deep sadness that anne and i honor the bravery of sergeant baker and officer butler who were killed while
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protecting the people of santa cruz. our deepest condolences go out as we mourn these tragic deaths. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, in honor of the slain officers, capital flags will be flown at half-staff. go to learn more about the fallen officers. butch baker and elizabeth butler including how you can help their families. click on the story in the middle of the home page. another twist in the high profile case of the hummer mom. livermore police arrested three minors for making a threat in the criminal case. she is known as the livermore mmer mom convicted of having sex with two underage boys in 2010. the internet threats came shortly after she was rearrested on february 15th for violating her parole. police don't believe she is involved in the internet threats. >> jean quan delivered her state of the city address. the topic she hit included
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recruitment and more community involvement and gun control. she said universal background checks and limits on ammunition purchases are tools that cut down on violence in her city. >> if we had that tool, we could stop hundreds of guns that come flowing into our city every week and make sure that the people who are involved in the trafficking pay the consequences of those sales. >> crime has increased since she took office in 2011, but she is working hard on intervention and prevention programs. she said both the retail and commercial market is improving. she said there is new businesses opening up and 5,000 new jobs have been created in the city. plans have been moving forward for the eastern span of the bay bridge. unclear is who will pick up the multimillion tab. officials agreed to use $5.6 million to pay for public safety
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and access in the celebration. to offset the cost, they are considering charging a small fee to walk across the bridge. >> pope benedict xvi is marking final hours as the leader of the catholic church. this is live pictures from the vatican where it is thursday morning. crowds are gathering to be part of this historic time. he reassured he is retiring, but not abandoning them. >> in just a few hours, pope benedict xvi will meet with cardinals who will choose his successor. there appears to be no front runner to replace him. >> ooze as painful as anything can possibly be. i could never imagine. >> their lives have never been the same. only on nbc bay area, the families of victims killed in a mass shooting revealed new
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information they say could have stopped a gunman. >> a unique school and nothing you can do to get suspended or expelled. the different way this school is treating students. >> a firefighter is accused of threatening coworkers and stealing from his department. what he is facing.
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storming into an employee meeting in october of 2011 and opening fire, killing three coworkers and wounding others. now widows of two victims are suing the quarry's owner. the families tell damian
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trujillo why the company ignored the warning signs about the killer. >> it has been -- very, very difficult time. it's like an empty hole. >> they have been living with the pain for 17 months. viola lost her husband, mark. me lina, her husband manuel. >> it has been really hard. gi day by day and times where i won't get out of bed and holidays and anniversaries. he was my rock. >> october 5th, 2011, her husband's coworker stormed into a meeting at the lehigh cement kwary in cupertino and opened fire. he killed three men and wounded many more. he told friends his coworkers were trying to get him fired. so he confronted them.
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>> it's as painful as anything can possibly be. that i could have ever imagined. >> the families are now suing, claiming the victims warned hr and supervisors many times about alman, saying he was unstable, made death threats and carried a gun in his car. >> i felt -- [inaudible]. action should have been taken. >> lehigh released the following statement to nbc bay area. the company intends to vigorously defend itself against the allegations in these complaints. as a matter of policy, we cannot provide further comment on active litigation. today a memorial sits at the entrance of the quarry with the names of john, manuel and mark. >> i have that empty feeling
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that nobody's ever been able to fill. >> when my husband took that bullet, i felt it. i felt it. he made my life absolutely beautiful. that is gone. that has been riped from my soul. >> alman ended up killing himself in a shootout with police the day after the quarry incident. both sides will be back in court at this courthouse behind me in april. in san jose, i'm damian trujillo. >> the contra costa county firefighter accused of threatening firefighters and stealing from his department is criminally charged with four felonies. captain john willmont is accused of stealing fire gear. they filed changes for embezzlement and receiving stolen goods and commercial burglary. they caught him on camera removing bags full of tools and
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supplies and searched his three homes and discovered uniforms and other stolen goods and found more than 50 guns and thousands of rounds of ammo. >> we are treating it like any other case and he will not get special treatment and he violated the public trust. he's in a position of trust. it's unfortunate this happened. >> the unit first broke the story that they were granted a workplace restraining order to protect employees from wilmot. attorneys for both sides are trying to settle out of court. they responded to the request for a comment on that. >> growing up in parts of oakland can be a long tough road riddled with violence and fear. >> there is a bright spot. a school guarded by a police officer and locked gate is offering hope to hundreds of student who is say guns are a daily part of lives. what's the solution. here's stephanie trong with a story you will see only on nbc bay area. >> in these halls, all it takes
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is one second or one look. >> they are ready and asking us to look. >> nine times out of ten, somebody will. >> a continuation school has something in common. they all have been behind bars. for mercedes it was a revenge attack on a group of girls who put her in the hospital. at 14 she put one of the them in the hospital using a crowbar. >> i was so mad i couldn't stop myself and started hitting and hitting. >> now a teen, she admits she got close to that again. just like the class meats. they almost brawled after balling playing one at school. it started with a slap and then elbows. >> i'm fighting until the other person can't chase me or can't move. >> for all three, someone stepped in before they could get
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into real trouble. >> make something positive. >> they fought or are on the verge of fighting into this circle. >> this is safe to me. >> they are asked to talk and listen to the other person. it's a process known as restorative justice, a substitution for the punishment of suspension or expulsion. >> they are still little kids in big kid bodies. communication is key. >> not just communication with the students -- >> i tell you what they tell me. >> teachered used on how to use the philosophy in their classroo classrooms. >> you have to work with it in developing not just the student, but the staff. the whole staff. >> this program is punned by measure y money. it's at a little school here in oakland. it's at this school where the numbers show success and the numbers are down by 75% last year. this year the rate?
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near perfect. >> i have known a lost situation where is it's supposed to happen at school and they get suspended and the teachers think it was resolve and it goes down outside of school. >> in that escalation, it takes just one phone call. >> the whole family ends up flunking and you see this person in traffic, they want to shoot this person. >> they probably get a knife or a gun or something just to feel extra protected and maybe even kill someone just to prove a point. >> for hits close to point for the 18-year-olds whose friends have been killed. >> i know at least 15. >> they shot him. >> many never made it past 18. >> corey, devon. >> kiante was killed weeks ago on the first friday street festival.
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>> these young men and women fight the steepest of battles as soon as they wake up. >> it's hard to get through the prostitut prostitutes. >> for them what it offers is th in defying the odds. >> i don't want to be part of the statistics that the government said for my community. >> i have to make something. >> in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> with first friday less than 48 hours away, eric and his justice team said they are planning to hold a circle at the event in kiante campbell's memory inviting everyone to speak. >> hard work that they are doing there. jeff ranieri, talk about the end of wednesday and start of thursday. we are edging towards the end of the week. >> a lot of people will like the seven-day forecast. the warmest weather on 2013. a weak system passing off to the north. here is the interesting thing. it is producing green and not
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touching the ground. no measurable rainfall here. some of this moisture may help produce drizzle for tomorrow morning. we will tlak coming up. otherwise it's mild and upper 40s to near 50. let's get a live look in san francisco. you can see it's clear at the lower levels and not expecting major fog in san francisco for tomorrow, once again up against the coastline and areas of cloud cover. here we go. driest 2013 that we have seen on the record books. not only for january and february, but again for the past several weeks. we have the storm track off to the north and jet stream continues to keep all the activity across washington and oregon. here is the same problem. high pressure building offshore for friday and saturday to bring us the slight offshore wins and that brings us low to mid 70s for the forecast. not bad to start off. 43 in napa and 43 in san jose.
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throughout tomorrow, we will see the daytime highs bumping into the upper 60s and low 70s. this is awesome weather for this time of year. we should have 70 in los gatos. 70 in san jose and also pretty spectacular across the trivalley. 69 in pleasanton backed by the bay and temperatures are cool with the 60s. san francisco is not quite 70s out in the sun. it may feel like 70. we will get 70 in santa rosa. much cooler at the coastline. if you are headed from the interior valleys, do remember that temperatures are in the upper 50s. time now for the toyota tahoe snow report. as we head throughout the days, temperatures in the 40s to 50s and no snow expected. they have the chairs and lives going. if you are heading up to the sierra, you can enjoy decent conditions here at the snow base of 54 inches. under three-day forecast, no hope of rain.
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friday and saturday we stay dry. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. high pollen. it has been a rough go for us. eventually your allergies are going to get better throughout next week. we are forecasting rain to arrive on tuesday into wednesday. could provide from a half inch to one inch in the forecast. that's what's going to improve the pollen here across the bay area. otherwise the warmest weather of 2013 friday and saturday. we haven't seen weather this warm since november. it's rare. i'm confused. i want winter back. >> you are confused? >> this is not fair. >> you are the expert. >> come on, winter. >> coming up, lost and found all in one day. find out why a missing anchorwoman got more attention than usual in santa barbara. >> stephan curry lighting it up in the big apple. the season record he set tonight.
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>> lost and found. the santa barbara tv news anchor
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became the news when she was reported missing. >> her name is paula lopez and she was reported missing this morning. they launched a search for the 48-year-old and representatives from keyt said she returned tonight. they are not saying where she went or how she was found. they are calling it a personal matter. we are back in a moment for dave feldman and a big night for the warriors.
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>> good evening. madison square garden, the mecca of basketball, the place where they seem to do great things. all that was 50-point games, tonight it was seth curry's turn. it was all curry. the fourth quarter, curry picks a three. and boom.
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46 points from bed, bath, and beyond. he drops another triple with 50 points or more. he finished with 54. under a minute left, the knicks up two as they hit the jumper. >> i think when i get good looks and see the ball go in and you find yourself opening with each possession. confidence and they rise up and take it on the floor. i was busted. i have a chance to win down the stretch. try to get them coming back to oracle. >> alex smith with a run in san francisco and it's over. they confirmed that the 49ers and the chiefs agreed on the trade to send him for the two second round picks and a conditional pick in 2014. the news will not be official
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until 2012. the new league starts as a starter in the last two seasons. giants and angels and ryan vogelsong on the mound. strikes out swigging to end the inning. three innings pitched and he struck out and gave up one hit. angel pagan with a three-run bomb. 7-2, giants on top. 8-7, giants. sergio romo with one on, one out. the soft fly to left center. he comes from second to score. romo with the first save this spring. giants going to tie this one, 8-8. the third tie in three days. it's like kissing your sister. back with more after this.
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another live look at the vatican early in the daytime. the pope began his final day as leader of the catholic church. on this day the pontiff will meet with the cardinals that pick his successor and starts in march. we will have live updates on benedict's final day starting at 4:30 in the morning. >> have a great day tomorrow. see you back here on nbc. >> bye-bye.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes --
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david duchovny. comedian j.b. smoove. the music of father john misty. and animals acting like humans in "copy cats." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. thank you. welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. thank you very, very much.
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oh. washington is still going on and on about this whole sequester thing. if you're not sure what it all means, maybe this could explain it to you. picture america as a giant carnival cruise ship. >> rickey: uh-oh. [ light laughter ] >> jay: the captain is fighting with the crew aboard to throw overboard. the rest of us are up to our eyeballs in crap. okay, does that explain it? >> rickey: yep. [ laughter ] >> jay: does that kind of make it a little easier? yeah, yeah. you know, i tell you, even -- [ cheers and applause ] -- even the politicians don't understand what's going on. like today, they asked governor rick perry what he thought of the sequester. and he said, "i think ryan is a a great host on 'american idol.'" see, he doesn't -- [ laughter ] -- they don't quite get it. [ applause ] and let me ask you something. have you noticed now the politicians, both sides, are getting very dramatic? you know, since hugh jackman and anne hathaway went to washington, they've gotten that whole "les mis" attitude. look at today. look what happened today. ♪ people are rightly concerned about the
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